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    Default Re: Armed guards in schools

    From an educator's pov. There are, of course, pros and cons to this. But logically speaking, why not have an extra layer of protection for our kids?

    On a political level, these things get tricky because of the "image" this perpetuates. Tax payers (especially in more well off areas) don't necessarily agree with armed guards and/metal protectors in their schools because they won't "appear safe or affluent".

    School boards officials are ran by the district they represent. These school board meetings get ugly and last all night when these issues arise.

    It appears that some people feel their money spent should equal safe schools (without the need of armed guards/police seen urban schools).

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    Default Re: Armed guards in schools

    What percentage of mass shootings happen in "gun-free-zones"? Is it more than 75%? In what way are they working in a positive manner. We've had guns in our society for hundreds of years. We've had ARs for 1/2 a century. What is triggering the shootings? The guns are the same. It's the people and their disregard for human life. Not being taught morals, video games, social media, rap music lyrics, no death penalty and God knows what else contributes. Whoever thought you could throw a bucket of water on a cop and he would walk away?! But more gun control will solve everything. F**king A**holes! Find the problems and fix them. No, it"s easier to screw-over law abiding citizens than do anything with positive results. I apologize for the rant, but this really pisses me off, being a child of The Greatest Generation. It just makes me sick and ashamed for what we've let happen to our once Great Nation that was fought for by truly Brave Patriots! Disgusting.

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    Default Re: Armed guards in schools

    The average mass shooter was age 28. Now it's 21 and younger. Without God, family and patriotism, what else would you expect??

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