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    Default VMAC45-100 SBR (MAC10 Clone) trade for RC stuff or Handguns

    UPDATE 08/15/2019
    At this time I have decided to submit a letter of removal from registry to the ATF regarding this firearm. Once it has returned the weapon will become a pistol again, and can no longer have the SBR parts attached. It is up to the new owner if theyíd like to re-register the gun, or leave it as a pistol at that point.

    Located in LOWER BUCKS / PHILADELPHIA area
    For photos please email me at anthonyroblessales (at)

    Unfortunately I am moving across the country to a state that doesnít allow NFA items, and rather than store my gun here in PA Iíd rather sell it.

    Itís a Velocity manufactured VMAC45-100. Itís a MAC10 clone that operates on the closed bolt MPA system for excellent reliability. Iíve only had the chance to shoot it twice, somewhere around 200 rounds through it. Due to work I rarely have time to shoot, I more just collect guns. I built the gun on a Form 1 individual so the gun does have my name, and the city I originally manufactured it in engraved under it. The gun has been in a safe for several months now.

    I modified an original MAC10 Cobray Fiberlite stock to work with it, so thatís what stock is installed. The gun has a Velocity made MAC flash hider, and a USMG vertical grip for the MAC10. The stock, and two accessories are removable if you want to swap them for other bits. The gun will accept a Sionics Suppressor, and various MAC muzzle devices. It is fully compatible with MPA parts and accessories. Also included are x4 US M3 .45 magazines, two of which are Velocity, the other two are USGI surplus and fit very tight.

    Im asking $500 for everything. All transfer fees, and BATF paperwork is on you, the buyer.
    Trades: mostly interested in a Glock 19X or something interesting. Just interested in handguns really. Show me what you got. Revolvers included!

    UPDATE: will also accept RC hobby stuff as a trade! Traxxass Xmaxx, erevo, possibly a Slash 4x4 (it better wow me because I have a Slash already)
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