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    Default Walther PPS .40 S&W

    I wanted a slim .40 S&W. I also prefer a *heavy* trigger spring for striker fired pistols without thumb safeties.

    The one that fit the bill is the Walther PPS Classic gen1 in .40 S&W, with the Massachusetts compliant 10.5 lbs. trigger spring. Plus itís under $400 new. It takes 6 and 7 round magazines of .40 S&W, all in a pistol less than an inch thick.

    Call me crazy or paranoid, I prefer a trigger like a double action revolver on a safety-less striker pistol, especially one that will see pocket holster carry. I learned to shoot on revolvers, so the heavy spring is not a problem.

    Any prefer the Gen1 PPS? I think they look and feel better than the M2.

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    Default Re: Walther PPS .40 S&W

    I like the paddles.

    Thinking about getting a ccp.
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    Default Re: Walther PPS .40 S&W

    The PPS "Classic" is an outstanding single stack firearm. Compact, reliable, very accurate, and soft recoiling for its size and weight (in 9mm anyway). 1,000+ rounds with zero failures to feed. It did not get as much press as it deserved 10+ years ago.

    The standard trigger is 6-7lb, and feels quite "safe". Finding magazines can be a challenge, and you'll only find factory manufactured ones (probably a contributor to the reliability). A solid firearm, new or used...

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    Default Re: Walther PPS .40 S&W

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsnwater View Post
    I like the paddles.

    Thinking about getting a ccp.
    That's the one reason why I would want the M1. The paddle mag release is just a better way to do it.

    But not into the stupid backstrap safety, and the deal I got on my M2 was hard to beat.

    As far as defensive trigger goes, I'm really warming up to HK LEM. It's really the best combination of margin of safety and shootability.

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