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    Default Re: Looking for "Lamar" who had a shop in 1994

    Quote Originally Posted by DDT47! View Post
    Thank you all!
    Just wanted to give you an update: The initial information I received from the clerks at the Sheriffs office wasn't all correct!!!
    Went back to the Sheriff's office, who sent me to a gun shop, who sent me to the county office building... they were amazing - really!
    I told them the entire story - they said no problem! I filled out one document for the two guns (one pistol, one revolver), where they were located and where I would pick them up and signed a statement that they were originally purchased and owned by me; supplied them with model and serial #'s - (oh, and a check for $13.00) - that's it! It was also time for my 5 year background check and all will be completed together and I should have my renewed license with the two guns added in less than a month. Much easier then I ever expected and everyone I spoke with was very informative, helpful and pleasant to deal with! Yeah!!! Thank you again!

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    Default Re: Looking for "Lamar" who had a shop in 1994

    Good for you. Glad to hear about a happy ending.

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