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    Default Coyote hunting question

    Im taking the hunters safety course online and about to buy a general hunting license. I read on the game comission website coyotes can be hunted 24/7 outside of any big game season, including Sundays. Is a semi auto AR15 or semi auto AK allowed for hunting coyotes? Are there any restrictions like magazine limits, type of ammo, etc?

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    I believe you can hunt coyotes in big game season too but only during daylight hours and while wearing orange. Also I believe you can use semi-autos. Google the "2019 PGC Digest" and read up to confirm.

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    Default Re: Coyote hunting question

    IIRC, you can’t use a semi-auto rifle during the deer season to hunt coyotes, the firearm must comply with the deer season arms and ammunition that is allowed. If you hunt in a Special Regulation Area with semi-auto rifle, it must be rimfire only.

    You can find this info in your digest, but the info is spread throughout the book.

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