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    Default Congressman Matt Cartwright Subject of Ethics Complaint.

    Democrat Congressman Matt Cartwright is the subject of an ethics complaint against him He is rabidly anti-2A and one of the 231 House Members who are on record in support of impeaching the President.

    I was unilaterally, illegally, and unconstitutionally gerrymandered into his district by a partisan Democrat Commonwealth Supreme Court. The gist of the complaint is that he has existing ties to the Munley law firm, his wife is also partner, and that he used his power to push legislation to dramatically increase the insurance required of commercial truck operators. The Munley firm is one of the leading truck accident plaintiff firms in PA. Let the sun shine in.

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    Default Re: Congressman Matt Cartwright Subject of Ethics Complaint.

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    Default Re: Congressman Matt Cartwright Subject of Ethics Complaint.

    He was in Simpson the other day for a coffee meet and greet and there were Trump supporters outside than he had inside. I hope we can get rid of his slimy ass this time around.

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