Washington County Tactical Range is currently open for new members. Membership will close again on June 30th.

Range details can be found here.

We have designed this range for shooters that want to use their tactical rifles, handguns, and shotguns as they were meant to be shot in real-world applications with no limit on number of rounds in magazine or rate of fire, from rapid-fire AR shooting to quick-draw pistol shooting to rifle & pistol transition drills (move and shoot) using paper targets or bowling pins or even electronic targets capable of timing your shooting down to hundreds of a second.

We have designed seven ranges at this facility:

• 33-yard (100 feet x 50 feet) flat pistol caliber range: This range allows traditional pistol shooting, quick draw, pistol transition drills (move and shoot).

• 50-yard rapid-fire range: This range has 25-foot covered shooting area and 25 feet uncovered. This area allows you to shoot machine guns, shotguns, weapons with slide-fire stocks, or simply “how fast can I pull the trigger on my AR or pistol”, plus rifle and pistol transition drills (move and shoot). Any type of weapon with any size caliber are allowed. All targets must be positioned so that shots impact the dirt backstop.

• 30-foot Quick Draw Pistol Range: This range’s primary use is for holster practice at a short distance, including Quick Drawing. Handgun only range with pistol calibers only. All targets must be positioned so that shots impact the dirt backstop.

• 100-yard Precision Rifle Range: Range has two benches with each bench having the ability to send paper targets downrange on a pulley system. Shooters can use this range to sight in your rifle or practice precision shooting. Any rifle caliber allowed. No pistols, no shotguns allowed.

• 140-yard AR Tactical Range: Range has metal targets at 50, 75, 100, 110, 120, 140 yards. Only rifles chambered in 5.56/223 are allowed. Semi-auto only shooting.

• 300-yard Rifle Range: There are 40 metal targets from 80 to 300+ yards. We will be adding 60 more targets over the next few years bringing the total up to 100 metal targets ranging in size from 1’x1’ squares to down to 6” targets.

• 150-yard Military Bunker Rifle Range: (In planning stages with an estimated completion date of 1-May-2020). The range will have 5+ military style bunkers with pop-up targets. 5.56/223 ARs only. Shooters will themselves be in a military bunker shooting through 18″ opening while surrounded by sandbags.

Range Applications can be downloaded from the website and mailed to the range.