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    Default Re: Cops use Narcan to revive man... he start shooting once revived.

    I saw that video. While things did go bad quickly, there were warning signs leading up to his violent acts.

    He prefaced his violence with telling officers not to touch him. When he was told to lift his shirt b/c officers see the bulge on his right side, he fails to comply then. Then he backs away. Then he reaches beneath his shirt. Then he unvelcro's his cheap holster. Then he draws, and chambers the round. then he shoots the firefighter who saved him.

    The guy is a piece of shit and deserved what he got. However, did the LEO's fail to see, and respond quickly, to all the warning signs that things were about to go sideways? Hind sight is 20/20, but this wasn't exactly 0-60 in one second.

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    Default Re: Cops use Narcan to revive man... he start shooting once revived.

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