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    Default Private Range Rentals for Small Group?

    One of my buddies is getting married, and his best man wants to do a range day for a bachelor party.

    As the group's resident gun guru, I've been asked to see what I can assemble.

    We're looking to rent a range, indoor or out, for 2-3 hours somewhere in Northeastern PA. Preferably 25 yards or more but would love to be able to handle at least .308.

    We'd like to have the ability to shoot outside of stalls or from tables. Shooting while moving would be minimal and we would maintain all safety rules.

    All people are experienced shooters and we'd be bringing our own guns. As for me, I'm an NRA Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer.

    First thing that came to mind is Shooter's Gauntlet, but I'd expect them to be rather pricy.

    Looking to see if there's anything else out there that would fit the bill.
    Your neighborhood friendly candyman, Tim

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    Default Re: Private Range Rentals for Small Group?

    Given your location, The Gauntlet is a natural. I was just there at an MG shoot 2 weeks ago and I love the place. As to price, just ask. Patty and Bob are great people and will try to accommodate you. A lot will depend on when you want to have it. It would be one helluva a B party for sure.

    Bob D

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