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    Default Re: Lending a gun to a friend

    Quote Originally Posted by jthrelf View Post
    So the answer is: if she lived in a county with same day issued LTCF and she had $20 to spare, then no problem.

    The other answer to this specific scenario - let her borrow a long gun. Then there's really no issues.
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    Default Re: Lending a gun to a friend

    I'd be concerned with liability issues, not only the friend but their family and that of any one they might shoot justifiably or not.

    I consider it akin to sharing something very personal like a toothbrush. Only exception would be imminent bodily harm or death / war.

    There are used firearms. Some quality new firearms can be found for $180-$250.
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    Default Re: Lending a gun to a friend

    As long as they have a LTCF then yes, you can loan a firearm.
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    Default Re: Lending a gun to a friend

    Quote Originally Posted by PAMedic=F|A= View Post
    As long as they have a LTCF then yes, you can loan a firearm.
    AND they are also a PA resident.

    Loaning a gun to a out of state buddy, even if he comes here, and even if he has a LTCF/CCW, is an "interstate transfer" and only legal if FFL is utilized or "for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes". The situation as described in the OP doesn't meet the quoted legal exception.
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