Open to the public, you do NOT need to be an LEO to run the qualification course. This is just a friendly event to see if you could pass an LEO Qualification Course. This is a modified PA Constable Qualification Course.

This Saturday, June 8th, at Washington County Tactical Range at 10:00 AM. Tickets available here

Fee is $20 for non-members. $5 for yearly members and free for life members. Limited to 50 shooters.

First prize is 25% of entry fees collected plus free use of any non-belted machine gun for the day with your ammo. Second prize is 10% with free use of an M16 machine gun for a day with your ammo. Third prize is 5% of entry fees collected with free use of an M16 machine gun for a day with your ammo. In the event of a tie for top 3 places, shooters will shoot 10 rounds at 100 feet and repeat until the tie is broken.

The course of fire will require shooting 10 rounds each at 5, 10, 30, 50, and 75 feet. Magazines will always be loaded with 5 rounds each to force a magazine change during each string. We will be shooting 50 rounds with a perfect score being 100 points per course of fire. Each shooter will run the course twice with a total perfect score of 200. Each shot will be scored as 0 for miss and 2 points in the gray. We will be using TQ-15-CB targets.

Details at each distance:

5 and 10 feet shooters will have 15 seconds to shoot 10 rounds.

30, 50, and 75 feet shooters will have 30 seconds to shoot 10 rounds.

Shooters are required to bring 150 rounds of ammo, a pistol, 2 magazines, safety glasses, ear protection, baseball style hat, mag holders, and holster. Acceptable calibers are 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and 357 SIG. If you want to use something different, please ask before arriving. No calibers below 9mm will be allowed. Any type of sights are allowed. Any type of holster is allowed.

Any questions, call or text us at 724-249-5112. Spectators are welcomed at no cost. Shooters must be 16+ years old. Absolutely no one under 16 years old is allowed on the range.

Everyone on the range must wear ear and eye protection while anyone is shooting.

Clothing requirements - No open shoes or low cut shirts due to the possibility of hot brass contacting exposed skin. Shooters must have a baseball style hat.