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    Default Red dot mounted on M1 Carbine

    I used a conversion Picatinny made to mount into an AR-15/M16 carry handle, mounting it to a steel upper with JB Weld. The converter has a tunnel, so the iron sights can be used by looking thru the tunnel.

    I originally had a small reflex red dot. Lower to the bore, much smaller and much lighter. It was so unobtrusive it was like it wasn't even there. Downside is, it calls for a small Allen wrench to adjust it. The present mount has its own knobs.

    Carbine with red dot.jpg
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    Default Re: Red dot mounted on M1 Carbine

    that's one way to bubba it
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    Default Re: Red dot mounted on M1 Carbine

    If you like the M1 with a RDS installed then after the JB Weld cracks off from recoil and heat (it will eventually) and you want to keep the dot on there with a repeatable zero then try one of these.

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