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    Default Don Edwards / Greenline Tactical Red Dot Pistol - Oct 26-27, Wallingford, CT

    Red Dot Pistol (RDP)
    October 26-27, 2019
    Wallingford, Connecticut

    Cost: $575

    Mounting Red Dot Sights on pistols is becoming more and more common. This session is designed to make you more proficient and leave with a better understanding of how to maximize this advantage giving technology paired with a handgun.

    You will need to have taken a pistol course prior to attending or be an experienced pistol shooter.

    Topics covered include:

    -History, theory and concepts behind why red dot optics work.


    -Tracking the dot

    -Driving the gun/dot for multiple shots

    -Balancing Speed and Precision

    -Precision at distance and Speed up close. How to improve both

    -Optic selection

    Equipment/gear needed:

    -Red Dot equipped Pistol with 3 magazines minimum.

    -Sturdy belt and holster and 1-2 magazine pouches.

    -1,000 rounds of ammunition for your pistol minimum.

    -Eye protection and ear protection.

    -Hat with brim (for sun protection and to keep brass from hitting your face)

    -Water, sunscreen, insect repellent and food as needed. (we will break for lunch)

    -Notepad and pen.

    About your instructor:

    Don Edwards is a 20+ year veteran of US Army Special Operations. He began his career in the 75th Ranger Regiment where he was a participant in Operation Just Cause. Retired from 20th Special Forces Group where he served as Team Sergeant during combat operations in Iraq. He has served for five years as the Use of Force training manager and primary instructor at the ATF National Academy in Glynco, GA instructing in tactics and firearms as well. Mr. Edwards has worked as tactical adviser to the Department of Defense since 2008 serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is a FLETC certified firearms instructor and is the former Director of Training for Tactical Night Vision Company.
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    Default Re: Don Edwards / Greenline Tactical Red Dot Pistol - Oct 26-27, Wallingford, CT

    Why train red dot pistol?

    Red dot sights give the shooter a more natural way to aim a pistol

    RDS are faster on target than iron sights

    RDS help improve law enforcement qualification/re-qual scores significantly, some reported as much as 25%

    RDS give LEO's who don't have a carbine immediately in reach a viable option on an active shooter

    RDS are superior to iron sights at night

    RDS are superior to irons on moving targets

    RDS can assist those with less than perfect vision.

    SOCOM has quietly been using them.

    RDS have taken the market by storm.

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