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    Default Joshua Prince pardon ruling

    After just reading about Joshua's win against the psp challenge to gun rights restoration for pardoned felons i was wondering if pardoned felons gun rights will ever be taken away again in the future. As someone who was recently pardoned i now worry that one day i will be told i can no longer own a gun again. What do you think the chances are of this ever becoming a reality? I would love to hear what phil has to say on the subject

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    Default Re: Joshua Prince pardon ruling

    like so many things, it's what ever persons are in power at any given time, that can determine when and if they want to screw with you.

    or to put it another way:
    EVERYONE EVERYWHERE (not just in NJ where it was codified as law by opinion) owns firearms at their peril.
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    Default Re: Joshua Prince pardon ruling

    Based upon what I read in Prince’s Blog I think it is unlikely to revert to prior status in the future. The blog post states:

    In finding that the PSP’s position was meritless, especially in light of the court’s prior holding in PSP v. McCaffery, the Commonwealth Court reaffirmed that “where the convicting jurisdiction deems the conviction no longer a ‘conviction’ for purposes of firearms disability, the PSP has no discretion to deem otherwise” ( emphasis added)
    So the PSP was found to have a “meritless” position in light of a prior decision, and it had no “discretion” to ignore that ruling. That seems like the Court told the PSP that it was just plain wrong. That ought to discourage others who support the PSP position.

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