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    Default Re: I don't understand the 'higher end' 1911

    5 grains of 231 over a 200 grain cast and powder coated bullet is my standard.
    My S&W E series has been perfect. Godless external extractor and all.

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    Default Re: I don't understand the 'higher end' 1911

    My only 1911 ATM is a RIA 10mm. I like it alot. When it was new it had lots of problems, magazine would drop while firing, or if it stayed in it would not lock the slide back. It was so tight i could not reassemble it. The bracket the held the front fiber optic sight was crooked, the dot stayed centered, but I could see the sides of it in my sight picture.. I was firing full power loads.....probably max loads, exceeding underwood speeds. 155gr at 1500fps(actual). I sent the gun back and from what I i can tell they replaced everything minus the frame. Put 800 rounds thru it since them and not had a single hiccup. Not sure what made me keep it, normally a gun with so many issues i would have just traded in but its a real nice shooter now. Low recoil and can do about 2.5" at 25 yards which is really good for my eyes.
    Plus its really comfortable to carry in a leather OWB holster. Its my woods gun now.

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    Default Re: I don't understand the 'higher end' 1911

    I had the pleasure of firing a well treated STI 2011. It was nice, real nice. Like driving a finely tuned performance racing car.

    I'm more of a Jeep/Glock person myself, but I can appreciate a well crafted tool with fine tolerances.

    I suspect that the 'break-in' period for top-level 1911s is part of the appeal for a lot of people. The user wants to be involved with the break-in process. (And, be able to share their experience with other folks interested in doing that.)

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