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Thread: Gun Storage

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    Sorry but I'm all out of pity right now, please try later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickypaul View Post
    Yes, my daughter screwed up and she is paying for it. But what if she didn’t have a party and someone invaded the house to rape her? She’s been trained enough to take them out. She’s 18. She’s not a child. The situation got out of her control and I will never let her forget it. It doesn’t change the facts. I don’t agree.
    Excellent point. There is no PA or federal law mandating storage requirements for firearms, nor should there be. It is everyone's own decision to make, and you make an excellent case for a reason to not lock everything away.

    Personally, I have a safe where most of my stuff is secured, but I also have a cruiser ready 12 gauge that has never seen the inside of a safe. My kids know they aren't to touch it, and they don't.

    Surely some people think that is irresponsible, others may not. I've got my reasons, and I've made my own choice. America.

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