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    Default Re: Suppressor Cleaning

    Thanks again all! Always learning!
    Life has a melody.

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    Default Re: Suppressor Cleaning

    Rifle cans...clean the carbon from the contact surfaces of both can and mount. That also includes the threads and crown for direct thread cans.
    Keep shooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    You don't have to clean them?

    Literally the very first positive thing I can note in my "reasons to want a suppressor" column.

    Rifle cans you donít really need to.

    Pistol can you may want to clean every now and then, mounts especially. Rimfire you def want to.

    I have the 5.56QD version and you donít need to clean it at all. Just shoot it and donít use rimfire ammo through it or youíll then want to clean it. Of that happens, plugging one end and using the ďdipĒ would be the best option to clean a sealed can. Make sure you dispose of the lead acetate properly if you do it.

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