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    Default May Practical Rifle Match at LRGC

    Greetings Fellow Practical Rifle Shooters,

    Below please find the link for our May Practical Rifle MATCH on Saturday morning, May 25th 2019. Our matches typically sellout in under 15 minutes so please be ready to go when the link opens. Our range is located at 251 Stoneyford Road Holland PA in Bucks County.

    This month's match will be held on our LONG RANGE. All targets will be between 15 and 200 yards.

    We open the below Registration Link promptly at 9:00am on the 10th of the month.

    Practical Rilfe Registration Link


    You will also need:

    A magazine fed semi-automatic center fire rifle. (no calibers larger than .308/7.62 x 54R)
    Eye and Ear protection
    Four functional magazines (feel free to bring more if you'd like)
    150 rounds of ammunition (minimum)
    A Chamber Flag
    A sling for your rifle
    Masking tape for your target
    A sharpie-style marker
    To be at the range signed in and ready to go by no later than 0830hrs
    A case for your rifle.
    Bring exact change and your signed waiver ($10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members.)
    A positive and safe attitude
    Please insert your chamber flag prior to casing your rifle for transport to the match
    No full auto fire (SBR's and Suppressors are permitted with proper NFA documentation)

    Optional items :

    Knee and Elbow pads
    A shooting mat
    Binoculars or Spotting scope

    Things to think about:

    We shoot in rain, sleet, snow, and heat. Please be sure to dress for conditions. You will shoot in standing, knelling and prone positions. That means you may get wet or dirty. Please wear appropriate foot gear. We strongly suggest a good boot. No open toe shoes are permitted.

    Lastly, you will need to be signed in with your target posted by no later than 0830hrs on Match Day. Once we start the Match Safety briefing, we can not accommodate you. So please be sure to be on time.

    See you at the LONG range! If you don't know how to get to the Long Range please be sure to let us know.

    Gary and Mike

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    Default Re: May Practical Rifle Match at LRGC

    Damn, filled up already??
    To disarm the people...[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them."

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