Thank you all for the kind words. We do our best to provide reasonably priced MG rentals and currently have 50+ MG's in our vault. We can handle anything from 1 person to 50+ size groups, but appointments are required.

Once a year we pull out every MG from our vault and run a test magazine through each one to get ready for the rental season which runs from April to November. Below is our 2019 test video.

We have also recently been approved for a Type 20 Federal Explosive License (FEL) and been getting all the employees up to speed on using Helix, C4, DetCord, and Semtex to start giving demonstrations and instruction on the use of them.

Every Saturday we welcome PAFOA members to come down and watch MG shooting with us. Today (August 17th) would be a great day to visit us as we have 40+ people renting guns today, including at least one that rented the M2HB belt-fed 50BMG machine gun.