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    Default Hollow Point Jacket Seperation

    I see on You Tube where they do ammo reviews and then talk about "jacket separation" or fragmentation and it always has a negative implication. My question is .... who cares? Why does it matter? I am sure there is a good reason, I just don't know what it is.

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    Default Re: Hollow Point Jacket Seperation

    The core of the bullet is soft lead. Really soft. In the most basic terms once the jacket seperates from the lead core there is nothing to hold the shape of the lead core. So the lead can deform or break apart resulting in loss of effectiveness. is your new home for coated bullets and custom ammo.

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    Default Re: Hollow Point Jacket Seperation

    Once the jacket is shed the lead isn't "protected" as much as the lead travels through it starts to come apart, depending on the weight of the bullet and the media/material this can happen fast. Because of this the bullet may not penetrate as deep, if its paper no big deal but if defense or hunting you want the bullet to stay together to get to the vital areas. A bullet that stays together/doesnt shed has a better chance of doing this
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    Default Re: Hollow Point Jacket Seperation

    For big and dangerous game you want penetration. You need to get the bullet into and through the vial area and then some. And hopefully out the other side.

    For deer sized you need insurance that if you hit the shoulder blade the bullet keeps going to at least hit the lungs and heart. But even then deeper is better.

    For two legged bad creatures it is more of a grey area. If you hit someone with a full power rifle cartridge he is going to have a bad day no matter what the bullet does. Handguns are much lower powered so the FBI says you need 15 inches of penetration (even then most people survive being shot with a handgun). Companies like Glaser got rich in the 90's with their "safety slug" which was meant to fragment on impact and dump all of the energy into the target. I think this has pretty much been discredited today but who really knows.

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