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    Default Tips for Calling Senators or Reps---This has gotten me some positive results for

    Senate Bill #147

    Phone Call Transcript:

    Call As MANY Senator Offices as you have time for during Normal Business hours to get a Real Human on the Line.

    If you leave a message on a voicemail simply leave your name and a phone number and explain that you Support Senate Bill #147 which will END the prohibition on Sunday Hunting and Strengthen Trespassing Laws and you support Sunday Hunting for…”whatever your reasons are”. Such as Increased funding for conservation, increased youth recruitment for hunting, increased economic stimulus from hunting tourism, desire to hunt your own private land on Sunday, etc.

    FOR A PHONE CALL THAT IS ANSWERED---possible conversation and talking points.

    OFFICE: “Hello Senator ???’s office this is Christina speaking how may I help you?”

    YOU: “Hello Christina this is Tom how are you doing today?” --Wait for their response

    OFFICE: (Somewhat surprised at the pleasant tone of your voice and genuine question of interest---you can almost hear the smile of the receptionist and an increased willingness to help you.) “I’m doing fine how may I help you??”

    YOU: The reason I am calling today is I am a MEMBER of HUSH, NRA, United Bowhunters of PA, Member of QDMA, MEMBER OF ????? or simply a Proud PA Hunter. I am calling in Regards to Senate Bill #147, and am wondering if SENATOR ????? has had time to gather information on this Senate Bill #147 and formulate a position on this Bill? Either FOR, AGAINST or UNDECIDED???

    OFFICE: Receptionist could say “Senator is FOR or AGAINST” but also will likely say they are not certain and would be happy to pass on your views to the Senator.


    YOU: Thank the receptionist for this information and then ASK...Does the Senator have a ###Legislative Advisor or Legislative Councilor### who YOU can speak with or send information to???---This is the person you want to have the conversation with.

    OFFICE: The receptionist will likely say YES and connect you OR They are out of the Office or they can give you their direct email or Office Phone Voice Mail or take your contact info. In addition to being super nice to the receptionist, YOU WANT TO TALK TO THE LEGISLATIVE ADVISOR for the Senator.

    YOU: When you get the Legislative Advisor…. Explain ALL your reasons to Support Bill #147. Stay Positive stay focused and use logic and issues that are important to the Senator of that particular district. IF AND ONLY IF the Legislative Advisor brings up concerns about the PA Farm Bureau or Safety Issues or Sunday for Hikers...should you bring up counter points to those arguments. STAY focused on why Senate Bill #147 is a GOOD Bill and should pass.

    *HUnters are Conservationists and provide funding for 1.5 Million Acres of State Game Land and over 5 Million Acres of Total Public Land in PA.
    *Hunting license sales are dwindling and Sunday Hunting could help reverse that trend
    * 47 of 50 US States allow Sunday Hunting PA is one of only 3 remaining states to prohibit Sunday Hunting.
    *Hunting is a SAFE Wholesome, Family Oriented activity that is being wrongly prohibited by Government Regulation. Sunday Hunting should be an individual choice.

    Then provide your contact information and ask for their direct phone number and email address so that you can contact them in the future with additional information.


    OF COURSE THESE TIPS COULD ALSO WORK ON PRO 2nd Amendment issues....I am just currently focusing on Sunday Hunting and Senate Bill #147.

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    Default Re: Tips for Calling Senators or Reps---This has gotten me some positive results

    Thank you for sharing the info about legislative advisors. This will be useful and at least make me feel like my voice is being heard. Most of the time i assume my letters get skimmed and promptly trashed like so many others.

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    Default Re: Tips for Calling Senators or Reps---This has gotten me some positive results

    Great...thanks for posting. I will call my left leaning Reps and use this as they never answer or reply to me.

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    Default Re: Tips for Calling Senators or Reps---This has gotten me some positive results

    That's great. Can this be made a pinned topic? Or a sticky or whatever it's called? The only thing better than this kind of thoughtful contact is a hand written letter. Both are worth a hundred emails...

    Bob D

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