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    Default Re: 2A Friendly Orgs in PA - Compiling a List

    Just a reminder...there is Shooters network out there, which is set up similar to fakebook but is for the shooting folks in the world. Odd as it may sound it's run by a Brit.
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    Default Re: 2A Friendly Orgs in PA - Compiling a List

    I think this is a great idea. This is the sort of project that will never be "finished", so it's stewardship needs to be passed on from time to time for the sake of the OP's sanity or tolerance, and God forbid, mortality. Spreadsheets are immortal. I agree solidly with applying the KISS principle. Try to limit the data fields to those that matter, such as the information that identifies the organization, it's geographical location, its political attachments (if any), and its contact information. If it has an ideological leaning, that could be useful as well. Then when an event is coming up, organizations can be contacted based on a judicious selection process. There could be a fairly small group that is involved in that process, with 1-3 people who maintain the list (read: spreadsheet, to keep it more cleanly organized and interpreted), that way if one person is traveling or otherwise unavailable for the maintenance tasks, there is at least 1, and ideally 2, backup people that can keep it up. It also helps greatly to keep at least two sets of eyes on this sort of thing to monitor the aggregation of information, just because we are all human (well not everybody, since there are people trying to take away our rights who are likely vile reptilians or gremlins or something worse, haha) and mistakes happen. A simple typo can prevent a non-trivial group from being included in an event, with not just a numerical deduction from the number of participants, but possible bad blood being brewed, which can become a long-lasting subtraction. This is a goal of long-term group engagement as far as I can tell so far, so good will, both real and perceived, is important.

    Cheers to the OP, I like where your brain is headed!!

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