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    Default Barnes foundation Concealed Carry?

    Hi guys planning to go to Barnes foundation this weekend. Had anyone gone there recently. Do they allow Concealed carry or at least are silent on a subject, are there any metal detectors at the doors?

    Thank a lot.

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    Default Re: Barnes foundation Concealed Carry?

    As you enter the site, when I was there last Feb, there was gentleman sitting at table just past the entryway. He had on the table in plain sight a Garrett wand. I was CC'g,walked in, greeted with "Good morning, Sir. Beautiful day out, eh? do you know if the photography exhibit is open and where it is located?" He greeted me back, said I needed to ask the girly boy at the other end of the table and told me tho show my Barnes membership card to the next person. (actually he didn't say "girly boy" but that's what it was ) I have been there several times, that's the first time I saw either the guy or the Garrett, so I'm not sure why that time was different. The new Jewish museum is prohibited carry with metal detector at the entrance. Philly Art Museum is GTG every time I've been there; same with Rodin Museum, though last time I was there IIRC there was a small sign saying it was forbidden, but I may be in error on that one. Verizon Center is GTG every time I've been there for a concert. Franklin Institute has nothing on its webpage announcing that weapons are prohibited. HTH


    PS: if you plan to eat in the restaurant there, be sure to have plenty of space on your CC or bring lots of green $. Food is excellent, but very expensive, IMHO. there is of course an entry fee unless you are a member.
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    Default Re: Barnes foundation Concealed Carry?

    I was there last week. Info is still pretty valid except that they asked to search my wife’s purse. The guard still had the wand metal detector but it was sitting on his desk unused.

    No search was done on either of us aside from looking at the bag.

    Oddly, they told my wife she had to check her coat but not me.

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