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    Default Rainier42 time waster

    So I contacted Rainier42 about his M1A and he accepted my offer on the rifle with extras on the 21st of January. Said he would check on cost of shipping which I offered to pay and get back to me. I texted him on the 22nd and he said he would be out of town for a few weeks family emergency. After 2 weeks he said he’s still away. I texted back asking when he thought we could get this done. No reply. I texted again today asking for a date we could complete the transaction and now he says he’s not selling because I “won’t leave him be” though he’s had time to bump another item 5 times since then.

    I do not think it’s unreasonable to complete transactions in a timely manor. I suspect that he sold it for a better price or just changed his mind and could not just say so. Either way 3 weeks wasted persueing the completion of the transaction. If you post items for sale follow through, or let the buyer know you changed your mind, don’t leave them hanging for weeks. Kind of a dick move.
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