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    Default Re: Defensive Pistol Training Classes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo98 View Post
    You can also take a look at Vigr Training. Phil has classes in several areas, some of which look to be close to you. I took a 1 day private course with him as a team building event. We had people ranging from "which is the dangerous end" to very experienced shooters, and he was able to tailor instruction to everyone. I can't recommend him enough, and I'm planning to take at least one more class with him this year.
    Not too far from me, thanks for the idea. Will look into him.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pistol Training Classes?

    If in the DelCo/ChesCo, MontCo..Phila area look at Citizens Defense Training. Don't take my word for it, look at Google Reviews and reviews on the website.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pistol Training Classes?

    Personally I think a larger class is better especially for a defensive class. You learn from also seeing others corrections but the noise and activity of a larger class are to the mindset of dealing with a public scenario.
    I have trained in many ways over the years but nothing compared to taking fighting pistol a couple months ago. I've read the reviews for tactical response out of Camden TN, the good and the bad. I have to say that many of the bad reviews are absolutely false in compared to my experience. Yeager and his instructors were absolutely respectful and honest at the same time. The amount of training I received in 2 days was far more than I expected. My Outlook on various things is different and better. I'm also having trouble finding more local training that is quality training.

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    Default Re: Defensive Pistol Training Classes?

    James Yeager can teach you the step fire sig technique. Real operator stuff for the non wussy want2bee.

    Seriously it sounds like you had a good entry-level class. Wax bullets for practice of drawing and shooting especially in a revolver is convenient.
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    Default Re: Defensive Pistol Training Classes?

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