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    Default Remington issue...

    I have two Remington 597 models I bought at Dicks back in 2013. Both are quite accurate, and shoot nice. But, neither have cycled ammo worth a darn, and when I tried returning them to Dicks, I was told they don't accept they've been in the back of one of my gun cabinets. Last week, I contacted Remington, and they said they want both of them in their shop for evaluation. They are sending me two boxes, and have already sent me the shipping information.

    Before I send the rifles to them, has anyone had experience with their service before? Will I likely be charged, even though they requested I send them in to them? Their email to me states:

    We do apologize for your experience with Remington. We would like to have this firearm brought in for evaluation. Please provide the following information:
    Complete name
    Physical Address
    Serial Number

    Once this information is received you will be sent a FedEx label that will allow you to send in the defective firearm.
    Thank you,
    Remington Consumer Services

    I know that they only have a 1 year warranty. but I'm not so sure sending them in is the right thing to do, unless it's a known problem that they are repairing free of charge.

    Personally, I believe the cycling issue is in the magazines...I don't care for how they are somewhat double stacked without a long enough throat to move them into proper position. I've tried picking up other magazines for them, but with the same issue.

    Does anyone have advice to give?
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    Default Re: Remington issue...

    Make a second contact and ask?

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    Default Re: Remington issue...

    you could send them one at a time and see .
    i sent a gun to smith & Wesson they told me how much too fix because it was not covered .

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    Default Re: Remington issue...

    I had to send a Remington Model 7 back for repair. I bought the rifle second hand they never charged me. I had a Model 597 years ago worked great but the mags are JUNK. I threw the one I got with the gun away and bought another that worked just fine. I'd try that first.

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