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    Default Re: Strife on Pittsburgh City Council, open carry rally effective in Pittsburgh.

    Quote Originally Posted by markshere2 View Post
    Yer gonna pop a bunch of leftist brains with facts.
    Only if they know how to read with comprehension...

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    Default Re: Strife on Pittsburgh City Council, open carry rally effective in Pittsburgh.

    Quote Originally Posted by JustinHEMI View Post
    Last night, I sent a 6 page letter (Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced) to each city council member detailing "facts." It was free from "come and take it" and "will not comply" type stuff. Just facts, including the fact that in 2018, 70% of shooting murders we committed by African Americans in some pretty specific neighborhoods, as compared to whites that committed 28% of the shooting murders sporadically over the city. No discernible pattern to be found. You can find this info at the interactive map below. I then pointed out that according to demographics, the city is 65% white vs 26% black. So why is the minority community committing more shooting murders than the majority community, by far? That's your problem to go after. Not the AR15 boogey man. I suggested that they looked at the poverty level of those neighborhoods and I bet they would find a connection.

    Anyway, that's just one of the data sets that I went through for them. The point of this post is that I received a reply for O'Conner's Chief of Staff stating that he would ensure that Mr. O'Conner reads my letter. I also opened myself up to be willing to meet with Mr. O'Conner as well.

    Here's to hoping he's interested in facts, but I have my doubts.
    Que being called a racist in 5...4...3........

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