Please join the Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo on Saturday, February 9 as we celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Dojo! As part of celebrating our new space and the new year, we will be holding an Embu demonstration around an introduction to the Bujinkan and the Martial Art of Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu!

In addition to the opening ceremony, an introductory session will be presented. At this event you will learn:

--The true history of Japan’s famous ninja warriors
--How that ancient tradition had been passed down to modern times
--How we apply the martial arts skills and weapons of the ninja for modern self-defense and protecting others

PAFOA Members: Please note that responsible firearm use and safety is part of our curriculum, however it will not be covered at this particular event.

All are welcome to attend and interview with us on becoming a prospective student.

Our new address is 6901 Lynn Way, Suite 205, Pittsburgh PA 15208

This follows the Japanese Tradition of "Hatsu Geiko". Hatsu Geiko, also known as Kagami Biraki (鏡開き), is the first performance of a chosen art in the New Year and sets the tone for the remainder of the year. Thus, one will perform to the best of one’s ability taking this first performance of the year very seriously. It will define who one is, if one has mastered his art, or where one is on the road to mastery. Many Japanese martial arts groups around the world observe Hatsu Geiko. During the first days of the New Year, martial artists engage in some challenging activity to test themselves and start the year off right. We will discuss and show what the Bujinkan is all about in thought word and deed.

We look forward to seeing you! Please RSVP so we can have an accurate count for attendance and refreshments.

Cost is $10 per person payable via Paypal (brent AT pittsburghbujinkan DOT com) or at the Door.