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    Default Re: UPMC Shadyside hospital, Pittsburgh?

    Quote Originally Posted by HiredGoon View Post
    Any metal detectors or wanding thru MAIN entrance? I realize there may be at emergency entrance. Thanks.
    Wouldn't even think of carrying at any UPMC hospital. Wanding or metal detectors or not. But, hey, it's kind of a free country.

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    Default Re: UPMC Shadyside hospital, Pittsburgh?

    Quote Originally Posted by nfafan View Post
    I recall way back when, the cops briefed the PTA that if they needed to call 911 for help and wanted the fastest response - mention “gun” over anything else to get the desired attention.

    From some of the tales of the Shadyside ER, I can understand their concerns.
    Wasn't always that way.During 911 call around 1979 in Cranberry Twp near Pittsburgh there are two shots followed by my declaration, "Shots fired, shots fired". Took the twp 45min to respond. Chief later apologized and stated they were on the other side of Butler County at the time. Apparently we went uncovered and all units were off on a chase. Back then, i honestly believe they were too chicken or corrupt to risk it! I was around 16, IIRC. It was my first realization to not trust the government for anything.
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