June 1st, 2019; 0900-1630. 7600 Blue Church Road South, Coopersburg PA 18036


Introduction to the Function, Nomenclature, and Safe Defensive and Recreational Use of the AR (Armalite Rifle) Platform.

***Must be 21 years of age and an American citizen. Older teenagers accompanied by an enrolled aren’t are eligible. Small class for individual attention.***

Half-day classroom to familiarize the student with the basic parts, field stripping, and function of the AR, including dry-fire of basic stances, safe loading and safe unloading.

Half-day of live fire exercises in a “crawl-walk” format.

Safety, Nomenclature, Field Stripping/Cleaning/Re-Assembly, Basic Marksmanship, Basic Stances, Loading/Unloading of the AR-15 style carbine. Approximately eight (8) hours.

Required Equipment:

**Few rental rifles available; additional charge. Contact with questions. ron.flowers@citizensdt.com**

Eye/Ear Protection, Sling

AR-Style Rifle

At least two (2) magazines

300 rounds .223/5.56×45 ammunition.