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    Default VCI paper and gun storage.

    I saw this test on the Internet but decided to try it myself. I took two bright finish nails, placed them in a plastic bag and added a small piece of VCI paper to one of the bags. I put two capfuls of water in the bags and sealed them up. The picture shows the results after about three weeks.
    The paper obviously does offer rust protection so I am wondering if anyone wraps firearms in it for storage. Iím also wondering, of course, if there is any negative effects of using this product.
    I am pretty much maxed out in my safe thatís in the climate controlled portion of my house and am thinking about getting a second one for the basement but it is definitely a little damp down there. Iím also thinking about lining the walls of the safe with this paper if thereís no negative effect that Iím missing.
    As always, any and all information is appreciated, Brian

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    Default Re: VCI paper and gun storage.

    I use it for my reloading dies and similar things. It seems to work.

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    Default Re: VCI paper and gun storage.

    My SECNAV M1's came wrapped in it and sealed in a bag from the late '60s. They were in perfect shape.

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    Default Re: VCI paper and gun storage.

    I think the paper gets weaker in environments where it can "breathe". I use the socks Sachups, they seem to protect well and it keeps things from scratching each other. The paper that’s in the package has some impressive pictures and story.
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    Default Re: VCI paper and gun storage.

    My Henry rifle came wrapped in the stuff. VCI paper was the firearms industry standard for decades. Colt and S&W had it made with their logos on it. I still get lengths of precision ground tool steel at work wrapped in it.

    But for my guns , I too have gone to Sack-Ups. Spray them down liberally once a year with a good food-grade silicone spray.
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    Default Re: VCI paper and gun storage.

    I had an ar15 barrel show up wrapped up in this stuff I think

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