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    Default Re: Guidance for NJ gun magazine owners

    Quote Originally Posted by cdi View Post
    The "yeah I heard about it, so what" is just fine until the fudd range owner or patron calls the fuzz.
    The coppers will gladly pop someone in the parking lot with the now illegal mags.

    That is exactly how this kind of nonsense gets enforced.
    The police won't spend one minute going door to door. They'll just wait for you to phuk up, then make the pinch.

    In the last several months I've taken in quite a few magazines from my N.J. customers for storage until this bs is settled.
    Let me know when you're prepping for a yard sale.
    If it ain't broke it ain't mine.

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    Default Re: Guidance for NJ gun magazine owners

    Quote Originally Posted by sota View Post
    Been hearing reports from people at various ranges, bumping into shooters who have replied:
    "Yea, I heard about it. So what?"
    and continue to use 15rnd mags in front of other patrons and the ROs, without consequence.
    Bold move, and I applaud folks like that.

    But, sadly, all it takes is one or two and the state makes a example out of them
    Una Salus Victis Nullam Sperare Salutem

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