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    Default M53/MG42 Yugo Kits

    After a nice drunken night of YouTubing and Googling I found out that I really DONT wanna spend $6,000 on an MG42, I dont even have the proper licencing to own a fully auto MG42. So I found a pretty neat (and probably dead) trend of taking Yugo M53s that were cut and demilled and building them back together to run as a semi-auto, and THAT I can do..

    Now the reason I say the trend is dead is because any parts kits Ive found on gunbroker, 9/10 dont include and part of a receiver, cut or not, gotta buy a machined one and fit that all right, which I feel, is a bitch. Sarge Milsurp went under and they had kits, no receivers for about $600 but besides that, I cant seem to find any.

    Anybody have any clues or leads?

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    Default Re: M53/MG42 Yugo Kits

    Just a crazy chance try International Military Antiques | Military Collectibles | Antique Guns
    I can't remember off hand but when I do I'll post it

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    Default Re: M53/MG42 Yugo Kits

    BRP Corp is about your only option with Sarge out of business. Not the Sarge's sold receiver parts or whole receivers.
    Pretty sure Wiselite were the only ones selling full receiver, more than likely as a whole gun. The 42/53 is a very niche market among home builders. So anyone making receivers probably only ran small batches, and not very often.
    The option of buying receiver sections to clean up and replace/reweld the missing center sections are long gone.

    BRP has complete blank receiver sections that you can make a whole new receiver shell from and then demill a kit and rebuild from there with adding the semi blocking bar and enlarged cut out for the semi pistol grip, and semi bolt.

    Shame about Sarge's, I was planning on a few kits from him before the end of the year, things didnt move along in time before they closed.

    Kits are hard to come by either way. GB is probably the only place now with out lucking into a random dealer selling off stuff, but you will still pay the now low surplus premiums.

    Same with the MG3 308 conversion kits.
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