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    Default Re: Detroit passes "bullet bill"

    Quote Originally Posted by GeneCC View Post
    The people who murder for profit or for business purposes will have shills with clean records buy ammunition. They'll pay so little more for ammunition that they probably won't raise the costs of product.

    Wife beaters and serial killers won't notice it.

    This is beating the innocent to punish the guilty.

    I have friends in Michigan. This won't be popular in Lansing.
    It will give Democrat DA's more firearms charges to bargain away to settle for time served in murder and robbery cases.

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    Default Re: Detroit passes "bullet bill"

    We are a 'free' country in principle. Let's legalize, tax and control contraband. No more black markets, big profits or gangs. That will reduce all forms of violence!

    Don't know why we are afraid to try a test even. Look at how prohibition came and went with all the violence and gang activity (and corruption).

    The problem is not guns or other inanimate objects. The problem isn't really with people per se. The problem is the system. All they see is a chance to get bigger not better. Last I checked, fat people did not set the fastest pace in marathons. Running lean did.

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    Default Re: Detroit passes "bullet bill"

    Lets do take a look at prohibition.
    Specifically "black markets, big profits or gangs".
    Go back and look at who made money from prohibition and how they made it.
    Exactly why bullet bans and the eventual gun prohibition are coming.
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