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    Default New Magnum Research 429AE

    So MR decided to make a new cartridge. The 429 AE. A 50AE necked down to 44. 240 grain bullet at 1600 FPS. This is about 100fps faster than my 445 Supermag revolver. While not as bad ass as my 460 Mag it sure looks to kick ass in an autoloader.

    Ya ya ya. Desert Eagle guns are heavy and the size of a 4x4. Don't care. This is now officially on my list. Called my LGS today to order one.

    I love me some big bore handguns. is your new home for coated bullets and custom ammo.

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    Default Re: New Magnum Research 429AE

    I don't care what others say, to me the DE is a cool gun. I had one in 50AE but had to sell it when my wrist could no longer tolerate recoil. If you want one go for it.

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