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    Default .357 Magnum with Blue Dot

    I had great hopes for this powder because I liked the bulky flakes and the fact I didn't have grains of powder sifting their way out of my equipment and all over my workspace. My data source was the Sierra Manual edition #5. Each charge was individually weighed before bullet was seated.

    The first 2 charges where tolerable with good velocities and so-so standard deviations. The 3rd charge (12.4 grs) was a bit painful and produced a really crummy SD. It also caused the cases to stick on extraction. I had to push the extractor rod against the shooting bench to eject the cases. Although the cases looked normal and the primers looked OK. The 4th charge weight 13.0 grains were fired from the Carbine. Velocities were pretty impressive and the SD good also. The final charge of 13.6 produced a blown primer (primer AWOL completely and not even fragments found) on the very first shot and that ended the session for .357 Mag. for today.

    So practically speaking, I might try to goose it up a little and a few more charges between 11.8 grs and 12.4 grs. The 13.0 grain load from the revolver isn't going to happen. I don't think my mildly arthritic hands could take the pounding. I find also that the revolver is ridiculously clean even after extended testing with .357. I find no unburned powder at all with any of the powders I've tested for this caliber.

    Please take the time to look over the attachment and as always your comments are invited and appreciated.
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