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    Default Trying to complete .357 Magnum testing.

    On the range today even though conditions were marginal at best. This time testing was conducted using my .357 Magnum Winchester 1892 carbine.
    All powder charges were dispensed by powder measure and brought to final weight trickling powder in to balance scale. Scale was check weighted within .05 grs of charge weight. e.g. for charge weight 18.8 grs check weights totaling 19 grs. were used to confirm scale accuracy.

    As always your comments are invited. I also did some testing with Blue Dot. Those results and explanation and critique will be posted soon.
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    Default Re: Trying to complete .357 Magnum testing.

    Thanks or the update. I'm encouraged. The JHP 296 load is almost 1300 Ft/lbs, that's nice. I'm hoping to put together a 158 grain 296 load at that kind of energy. My Marlin is 18.5" barrel I believe.

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