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    Default Re: Mossberg Shockwave and concealed carry or loaded whil carried in a Car

    The statement says it MAY change, not that it WOULD change. Look at how the ATF decided that just because you shoulder an AR pistol with a brace it does not change the basic configuration, it is still a pistol not a SBR.
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    Default Re: Mossberg Shockwave and concealed carry or loaded whil carried in a Car

    As long as I am OK carrying it in my car, loaded, and ready to go I am ok, or at least that is what I got out of all of the responses to this thread and reading, re-reading, re-re-reading the PA firearm laws, or at least that is how I understand them.

    All I am trying to do is get home safe and avoid any issues or problems.

    It is very sad that I feel I need to take precautions like this, but the one close call we had is one to many and I need to take my wife to see her doctors and there are only limited dates/available for her to see the people she needs.

    Again, thank you everyone for all of your help.
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    Default Re: Mossberg Shockwave and concealed carry or loaded whil carried in a Car

    I am going to copy my post here because this thread is more relevant.

    Ok, so the definitive answer to the question of,

    Can you conceal a "title 1 other firearm" in Pennsylvania? (e.g. A gun greater than 26 inches overall length, that has never had a stock, that has a smooth bore and a barrel length less than 18 inches (Mossberg Shockwave) or a gun greater than 26 inches overall length, that has never had a stock, with a rifled bore, a barrel less than 15 inches and a vertical forward grip (AR pistol with VFG))

    The answer would be yes if you have a license to carry firearms and it's off of ones person and also yes to have it loaded in a vehicle.

    The answer would be no if it was concealed ON ones person unless it was registered as an AOW because concealing it ON ones person MAY change it into an AOW.

    IANAL but does this about sum it up?

    Edit, does the shockwave type gun also have to have a barrel less than 15 inches like a rifled bore firearm would to fall under the LTCF?
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    Default Re: Mossberg Shockwave and concealed carry or loaded whil carried in a Car


    Quite frankly, sir. You've got your hands too full with your wife to be skirting around in nebulous legal territory. I was in much the same position as you (at least as far as providing care goes) with my mother 28 years ago. I quit my job to tend to her for over 6 months until she passed. You have my respect as I know much of what you do firsthand.

    With that said, were I you, before I entertained a possible avenue that would result in the possibility of my being remkved from providing care for my wife, I would contact both PSP and BATFE (can you hear the collective here groan?), asking for clarification specifically to how Mr. Gixxer framed the argument above and asking for a written ruling. If the answer is in my favor, I carry the shockwave. If not, I get something else.

    What I would not do is risk my wife being taken away from me to become a ward of the state at a time when she most needs me and at a time when she does not need the additional stress on her body and spirit. i understand completely the role that the shockwave has in your plans. I've considered them myself. But don't be so sold on the shockwave that you lose all sight of other options that are less open to misinterpretation.

    Another possible route that I take for work down in Lower BucksCo that you might consider is to take SR 33 to US 78 to SR 412 at the Coopersburg exit. Follow SR 412 to US 611 in Harrow, PA. Turn left onto SR413 around Pipersville, which will.take you into Newtown. The bypass around Newtown takes you to I 95. Take I 95 to I 476 (Blue Route) and that gets you to wherever you need to go all through country roads and interstates. A little longer timewise, but it should be deserted at the time you need to be on the road.

    I wish your wife a speedy convalescense.
    "How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessnes."

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