Finnish Mosin Nagant 1942 91/30
Could someone tell me the most recent value of these rifles? I have a Finnish 1942 91/30 Mosin capture rifle. It has the pu scope setup on it . The scope is the real deal . The scope does not have the manufactures date on it but it does have the refurbished date of 1966 and is in great condition with clear optics Although the base is probably not original it is probably a well made copy. The stock is a two piece fingered jointed in great shape with re-arsenal markings and swivel sling attachments w/ sling.The Receiver and barrel are in good +
Shape with a strong bore.The receiver has the SA double stamped into the side.The rifle has matching numbers but the scope is not. This is a CAI early import as per their markings on the barrel just below the forward site.