I'll lay it out there, I'm a sweaty guy, and i can't handle my current Rocky waterproof breathable camo anymore. For as much as i sweat, they might as not be breathable at all, or waterproof either since I'm soaked by the time i get to my stand. I started packing in all my clothes years ago, I'm that guy in a tshirt with a backpack hiking to my stand even when its 10 degrees, and i still have a soaked back by the time i get there.
In the past if weather was nice, I'd just skip it and go with lined jeans and layers of wool/fleece, and would be way warmer for it, I'm better off even with light rain going with that setup.
But days like Monday, what to do? It was pouring up in Warren county. I need something more breathable.
None of the guys in my camp sweat like i do, they're no help, I'm definitely on the wrong end of the bell curve.
If you sweat A LOT, what do you do when its raining?