DESCRIPTION: ANY WEAPON SYSTEM on barricades & alt. positions. you will learn how to fire from cover & concealment
​$149 – Limited to 12 Students (1 Instructor per 4 students)

TOPICS COVERED: -Terminal Ballistics, Proper Use of Cover & Concealment, Alternate Positions: Standing, Kneeling, Squatting, BBM, Urban Prone, Prone, Supine, and more... (If you have issues with some position we will focus on what you can do)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:- Any firearm in Excellent functional condition, 500 rounds (No green tip, penetrators, steel cased or incendiary rounds.), For Carbines & Shotguns: 6 Magazines, & Serviceable Sling, Mag pouches, and or Dump Pouch. For Pistols: 6 magazines and holster (No Serpas)

Carbine 4 title .jpg