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    Default Brownells Alums-Hyde II Spray on finish anyone?

    So Ive been working on a beaten Marlin 336 pre-crossbolt safety Ive obtained in the last several weeks0. Apparently it was sitting in a garage for a few years and needed taken down to the screws and a mineral spirits bath for a week and extensive brushing.

    I had tried the cold bluing kit from Birchwood Casey and I'm pleased with the smaller pieces and screws. However the frame, barrel and magazine tube look horrible. Tried a 2nd time after a few youtube "tip" videos with the same results. So at this point I'm looking at other options.

    Came across this online and ordered it:

    I have virtually no experience with this. So here's my question:

    Has anyone used this specifically and if so how were the results? Any tips or tricks to provide?

    I'm fairly certain that this is pretty much similar to the aerosol duracoat and ceramicoat style finishes in terms of application. From my reading I need to make sure that the metal is warm and completely dry and evenly spray several coats with a few minutes in between to make sure it sets evenly.

    Any information is welcome.

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    Default Re: Brownells Alums-Hyde II Spray on finish anyone?

    I have used it and had great results. As you said above warm the part up before painting and make sure it is properly de-greased and dry.

    The one draw back was that it literally took several weeks to fully cure.
    Dont be impatient let it sit.

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    Default Re: Brownells Alums-Hyde II Spray on finish anyone?

    Old type spray on paint type finish. There are better ones. Durakote and Cerakote.
    JC Blauvelt Gunsmith,Inc.

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    Default Re: Brownells Alums-Hyde II Spray on finish anyone?

    I've used that on a beater AR i wanted to camo paint and it came out really well and has held up to lots of abuse the last few years. For the price, I was happy with the results. I cleaned all parts with Acetone before applying. It did not adhere to the magpul stock as well as the metal parts. I had mine in heated garage and cured within 48hours. Just my experience

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