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    Default Benelli super 91 M1 questions.

    I picked up this AZ date coded Benelli M1 Super 90 18.5' Heckler & Koch imported 12a for $540 OTD last night. Went in for a pump HD shotgun for the new house walked out with an awesome gun. Couple questions I have now that I have it home and looking over it more closely.

    1. Does this barrel look fully seated in the receiver? I tried to break it down and can't seem to get it to seat any deeper.

    2. According to the internet I should be able to fit 7 rounds in this mag tube. Its not happening, max is 6. Did these ship with a plug in the mag tube? If so, how can I remove the tube? I've had no luck getting it off in the 30 minutes I had this morning to pay with it. The mag tube IS crimped where the barrel clamp is, and i haven't noticed this on other Benelli's, maybe the crimp acts to limit the mag capacity for import AND keep the barrel clamp in place?

    If anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative!

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    Default Re: Benelli super 91 M1 questions.

    Your right, that barrel doesn't look fully seated. Does the last owner know anything about this? Maybe contact Benelli, they might be able to help.

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    Default Re: Benelli super 91 M1 questions.

    I have one that barrel is defiantly not fully seated, it can be a bit tricky to get it locked in, but you have to have the mag tube off it completely. I have seen where the cross trigger pins can bind things up as well. I break it down completely and give it a good clean once over. I seen some of the early M1's only take 6 rounds. You can fully disassemble the mg tub and check for anything inside.
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    Default Re: Benelli super 91 M1 questions.

    Back around the early 1990s, during that pre and post ban weapons crapola, there were issues with magazine capacities in relationship to hunting migratory birds. In response Benelli had to change the capacity of their shotguns in a couple of ways. One was the magazine tube and the available mag plugs (aluminum rod with disc on the end) and the other was "free carrier".

    I have a pre-ban M1 super 90 tactical that holds 9 rounds, 7 in the mag, 1 in the pipe and 1 on the carrier. Yes, you could put 1 in the pipe and drop 1 on the carrier and it would not release another round from the tube when fired and cycled. So this would cause a total capacity issue and they had to change the design to not accept an additional round on the carrier and they dropped the mag capacity down 1. I would have to dig out the mag block rod and measure it to see how long it was.

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    Default Re: Benelli super 91 M1 questions.

    Doesn't appear to be, take a pic of the inside of the reciever and I can tell you with more certainty. You should be able to uncap the tube, open the bolt an give it a wiggle to fully seat it.

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