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    Default Re: 2nd home in Pa I live in. I want purchase firearm in PA with NY Drivers license

    Quote Originally Posted by Xringshooter View Post
    I'll have to look it up but I believe that if your state of residence requires a CCW permit (or whatever the state calls it) to carry concealed, then to get one in PA you must have one in your home state.

    Buying a firearm has nothing to do with your "Primary" residence for a dual/multistate resident. The law says that if you own a home in 2 states, and pay the real estate taxes on those properties, that when you are residing in that home, you are a resident of that state. I have been doing this for over 10 years and the persons "Primary" residence has NEVER been called into play or was a factor in the purchase. And as I said in a previous post, I have been inspected by the BATFE and they have NEVER found that I have done anything the law didn't allow.

    Can't say I've ever run into a person that has homes in more than 2 states but that should not matter the way the law is written.
    That is correct. The criteria for gun purchases is determined by federal law, then state law.

    The criteria for a PA LTCF is solely state law. PA law says that if your state of residence issues a license(may or shall issue), then you must have that state's license/permit to be eligible for a PA LTCF. And PA goes by what is on your ID. The only state exempt of that is Vermont since they have no license/permit whatsoever.

    With the "primary" thing, the ID is prima facie evidence of residence. The address on that ID would be the "primary" residence. While primary and secondary aren't codified things, they are realistic. A person must go through extra steps to prove a "dual" residency, whereas their ID proves with face value where they are resident to.
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    Default Re: 2nd home in Pa I live in. I want purchase firearm in PA with NY Drivers license

    Quote Originally Posted by 1911Operator View Post
    To the OP, do you have a house with a Deed that has your name on it? Do you pay PA taxes? Not necessarily your income taxes, but PA school and property taxes? If so, you only need to find a FFL dealer willing to take copies of your paperwork and sell you a firearm. The 4473 will have your PA address, as per BATF instructions. The firearms will remain at your PA residence.

    Without a PA DL, your Sheriff will most likely NOT issue a PA LTCF, winless you out of state license is a full unrestricted carry and then it will be a non resident LTCF, until you move permanently.
    Yes I have a deed and pay pocono mountain school and tobyhana township taxes....Since I've originally posted this I learned a lot and have spoken to a few FFL that agree with that outlook and willing to work with me. Then there's still quite a few places that won't even sell a long arm without a PA license regardless of paperwork. As much as I'd like the LTCF, I think that is a long shot....that is until I can change my license over to PA in a few years. Doesn't mean I won't at least try though lol

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    Default Re: 2nd home in Pa I live in. I want purchase firearm in PA with NY Drivers license

    Quote Originally Posted by frankie View Post
    There is a Trigger Time LLc in WV is that you also?

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