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    Default Potter County Friendly to Non Residents?

    Hello all,

    I live in Rochester, NY and possess a full carry (no restrictions) pistol permit. Can someone tell me what the likelihood is that Erie County will issue me a pistol permit for Pennsylvania? I know the website says they are friendly to out of state residents, but I wanted to double check. Do I simply go to the county building and fill out an application?

    Thank You,

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    Default Re: Potter County Friendly to Non Residents?

    Pa residents dont want new yorkers moving to pa, the majority bring their politics with them.
    As for hunting, just dont let them know you are from ny. Some might not be so friendly.

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    Default Re: Potter County Friendly to Non Residents?

    Most sheriffs are going to have a website with the application there to download as a PDF and some are going to have requirements such as two local references.

    Some sheriffs do not want to process out of state applications for LTCFs for various reasons. If it's not listed on their website I would send an email and ask.

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    Default Re: Potter County Friendly to Non Residents?

    Thread title says, Potter Co, but the OP says Erie?

    Erie I believe will issue to non res. Not sure about Potter.
    McKean will issue to non res. NY provided you indeed have a non-restricted NY permit.

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