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    Default Re: Adding sanctioned shooting events in 2019 to our range schedule

    Quote Originally Posted by wanneroo View Post
    3 Gun I do not believe will ever catch on with the average person because there is so much crap you have to bring to a match and to be competitive you've got to have all the Gucci like gear. The guys that compete in this take a truck load of gear with them and have to wheel it around on a big cart. Yes we have 3 Gun matches here in PA but the numbers are not all that great. I think if clubs got off that fixation with 3 guns and went to two gun or carbine matches they would have much greater success.

    Years ago Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club ran a carbine/rifle only match and I think they had 50 or 60 people and the entry was like $20 a head. The stages were a mix of IDPA like stages, some with more distance and then some standard marksman like stages from fixed positions shooting out to 200 meters. All you needed was a rifle and 2-3 magazines, 100 rounds and a magazine pouch if you wanted. Everybody had a great time and a lot of fun. And then they never ran it again, so not sure what happened there but never saw that club so busy again.
    1000% this!

    I see 3 gun on TV and all I think is Golf for rich guys with guns. I bet one day they will have caddyís too.

    This is why I mentioned 2GAC which is what the boys over at InrangeTV run in AZ and is spreading in Europe because of them and itís simple requirements.

    You can show up with a shitty Mosin Nagant and a Hi point and have a ton of fun for a few hours. Divisions can be added like trooper and Armored to add to the hurt if one desires. Itís far from fancy but itís way more practical when it comes to the use of the average firearms most people own and no stupid gammer shotguns are required.

    I would definitely travel the long way to complete in a monthly 2G match.
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    Default Re: Adding sanctioned shooting events in 2019 to our range schedule

    IMHO, a regular monthly "Sanctioned" shooting event requires way to much effort and time on the part of the organizers. It will get old very fast.

    I'm uncertain as to what your goals are but, if it was me, I'd offer a variety of up to 6 non-sanctioned events a year on Saturday mornings that run May-Oct. Most shooters out there don't really care to compete, but may be interested in a "just for fun" organized shoot where they can challenge themselves and receive a "trophy" for participating, or ranking in the top 20%, or something along those lines.

    We've done some of these at our club several times over the years.

    1. .22 rimfire rifle shoot - 3 position standing/seated/prone (or rested) hit count on steel targets at 3 distances or same distance with smaller steel.
    2. Carbine shoot - any semi-auto rifle IPSC targets, timed, 30-50 yards, Standing 10 rounds - transition to 10 rounds seated with mag change - transition to 10 rounds prone with mag change. Depending on how many shooters you have, participants can run it two or three times.
    3. Ground Hog shoot - 100-300 yards, paper ground hog targets, Scoped centerfire rifles, Bench rest or prone (shooters choice). 20 rounds in 25 minutes at two different distances. up to 5 sighters and 10 rounds for score at each distance.
    4. Black Power shoot - Percussion and Flint lock Rifles and pistols. There are a lot of options here. We've found that shooting at steel at 30-40 yards is a lot of fun.
    5. CMP/NRA High Power non-sanctioned shoot - We hold these monthly May-Nov at our club. It's just for fun, any rifle scoped or iron sights. Everyone is just competing against themselves, no awards or prizes.
    6. Military Rifle shoot - 3 position any rifle that was used by any nations army bolt & semi auto. You may include or exclude AR's. Make up the COF.

    2-3 hours max for these events. Any longer and it will drag.

    Myself and several of our members would participate in many of these if you held them.

    BTW, have lunch afterwards for the participants (donation). Hotdogs/Baked beans/pop. BSing at the range is half the fun!
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    Default Re: Adding sanctioned shooting events in 2019 to our range schedule

    +1 for 2GAC Setup is simple enough but it looks more practically oriented.
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