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Thread: Sticky holsters

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    Default Re: Sticky holsters

    I love this one, use it for my LCP: Allen Spiderweb Holster

    The spiderweb pattern is "sticky" and never moves in my pocket and stays put on draws. I picked mine up at my favorite LGS for $10. Durable too, been using for about 2+ years almost daily and still looks brand new and hasn't lost any stick. I throw a spare mag in the pocket and then put my holster in....everything stays put.

    LCP is size 4.

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    Default Re: Sticky holsters

    Ramora +1

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    Default Re: Sticky holsters

    +1 for Remora.. never moved with my double stack loaded full size 9mm

    Just really hated having to mess with it when undoing my belt, specially in public bathrooms..

    Finally ponied up and got a nice quality hybrid with belt clip that eliminated that problem.. passed my Remoras on to a friend
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    Default Re: Sticky holsters

    I bought a sticky holster with the intention of using it for pocket carry for my bodyguard .380, and even from brand new I would say that on around 50% of my draws the holster came out with the gun and still on it, never had it really “stick” to the inside of my pocket. So when I use it now I’ve gotten into the habit of nudging the holster forwards a little bit with my middle finger before drawing now.

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    Default Re: Sticky holsters

    I throw a spare mag in the pocket and then put my holster in....everything stays put
    I couldn't get away with that. Every time I had anything in the pocket with the holstered gun it was sure to find the mag release button. Carry spare mag on my belt in a small pouch with flap. No one has ever noticed what is visible in it. Gun right front, pouch at 9 o'clock on belt, mag positioned for fast insert.

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    Had two Desantis Super Fly holsters. Both lost their sticky dots...literally peeled off. I've had a Sticky for about two years and it still works great. Haven't ever washed it yet. I would only ever use any of these for pocket holsters. I wouldn't trust friction to the job of a sound clip or loop for IWB.

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