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    Default Re: Governor Wolf Advocates for Additional Gun Control Measures

    Quote Originally Posted by Wilderness 1864 View Post
    That is precisely how the soft Roman Britain became Anglo Saxon Britain and is now irreversibly on its path to becoming Islamic Britain.
    Been saying it for quite some time. I often blame liberal whites and i think i am right. Think of how groups block vote. If white peopel even came close to the voting pattern of blacks or latinos there would be no obama, but there are those wanting money and power and willing to trade our heritage and nation for it. California is a blueprint for liberals and a warning for decent people. I dont think anyone honestly wants another civil war, but i will say i will put money on the right any day and even at 2 to 1 odds. How effective are gang bangers holding glocks sideways against patriots with ar15 rifles and 1911s they have been shooting years and years. Ever look around a typical target range?
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    Default Re: Governor Wolf Advocates for Additional Gun Control Measures

    See more local trash:

    Paul Muschick: It's time for Pittsburgh — and Pennsylvania — to ban assault weapons

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