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    Default Glock Operator Course After Action Report

    I recently took the Glock Operator Course with instructor Freshly. Cost is $300 for 2 days. This particular class was about 13 hours total, not including lunch breaks. All but maybe 30 or 40 minutes were on the range. I believe I fired about 650 rounds, but we were told we would need about 1000. Skill levels ranged from kind of entry-level novice to "training junkie." The novice shooter improved noticeably, and I learned some (more) of my own shortcomings. There weren't any significant complaints that I heard from anyone. When asked for feedback on day 1, I asked for a bit more feedback from the instructor, and I feel like the I did get more from that point on.

    This is a shooting course for law enforcement and self defense. Targets are human silhouettes. If you are exclusively a GSSF sport shooter and/or a pacifist, and this offends you, this is probably not the class for you.

    We covered emergency reloads, tap-rack failure drills, Mozambique/failure-to-stop drills, controlled pairs, Bill drills, strong and weak hand only, multiple targets/target transitions, and shooting while moving. I've taken, er, 4 shooting classes previously from different companies, I think, and shooting while moving is sometimes advertised, but sometimes gets bumped, so I was happy that everyone got to shoot-n-scoot.

    Holsters were used almost exclusively for the drills, so bring one that doesn't suck (leave the Fobus at home), and have a good gun belt. If your holster has a retention system, you'll be expected to use it, so plan accordingly.*
    You can use any Glock pistol, but know that if you use 10-round or single stack magazines you will be reloading more than everyone else. Four 17 or 15-round will probably be sufficient, but you should probably have more of the lower-capacity magazines.
    Magazines with more than one witness hole recommended, i.e. not Magpul. Glock factory mags recommended, but I probably would have used Korean mags with Wolff springs if I was shooting my 19.
    Magazine loaders are not a requirement, but you should definitely have one, even if it's just the Glock one that comes with the pistols.
    If you think you might need/want a slide racker of some type, bring one. I kinda wish that I had one.
    Glock knuckle is real. By the end of the class I think almost everyone had at least one finger taped up, myself included. Bring 1st aid tape, good band-aids or something. I don't know that gloves are prohibited, but nobody used them.
    Not really necessary, but if you have a folding chair, bringing it along isn't a bad idea.

    I'm really thinking about taking the class again. $300 for 2 days is a good deal. Perhaps I'll use an IWB holster.

    Miscellaneous notes:
    You'll be dropping your magazines, a lot, and the range had a concrete floor. We had one broken follower in the class. I think I'm going to keep the magazines that I used, but they'll get orange base plates for training use only.
    The only other breakage, AFAIK, was a slide stop. This wasn't the first one this shooter had broken, and it's why the Gen5, 42 and 43 have redesigned slide stops.
    Lunch was included in the armorers' classes that I took, but not the operator class, FYI. I also didn't get any of the usual Glock swag.
    I think at one point the Glock 18 was included in the operator course, but IIRC the advanced armorers' class instructor told us there was a legal SNAFU because Glock, Inc. and Glock Training are technically two different companies and the NFA law doesn't allow Glock Training to have post-86 samples under Glock, Inc. licensing, so they don't do that anymore.

    * - I used a Comp-Tac International holster, with no regrets. I now swear by steel-reinforced leather belts, using a Daltech for the class but Alien Gear and Big Foot belts are good-to-go also. I saw one shooter using an IWB holster, so I guess that's allowed if you want to do that.

    There are some operator classes scheduled in Ohio, West Virginia, and New York state, but I don't see any in Pennsylvania for the next year, although they may add some if someone steps up to host a class. There's one in Maryland in October maybe if you are LE, and you're willing to navigate that gun control minefield. The one in WV is in mid December of this year, and is listed as LE only. If you are a real fanboy, and want to go to Smyrna anyway, there are a whole bunch of classes there at Glock headquarters. You can check the schedule at
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    Default Re: Glock Operator Course After Action Report

    I took this class in Georgia at Glock headquarters along with the GLOCK Armor Course. I found the course and instructors to be great.
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