Our Home Defense Course will take place in our modular shoot house for a hands-on experience to help mentally & physically prepare you with actual scenarios. You will be using UTM training weapons & ammo to get the most realistic experience available.

Topics Covered:
Mental Preparation for a Home Invasion
-Developing a Plan
Physical Preparation for a Home Invasion
-Choosing Weapons
-Choosing Storage Devises
-Choosing Storage Locations
-Use of Cell Phones in Home Defense
-Understanding Entranceways and Doorways
-Understanding Furniture and Layouts
-Understanding Control Points and Cover & Concealment
Actual Scenarios against Intruders using UTM training Weapons & Ammo
-Testing Weapon Access Locations
-Testing Furniture Layouts
-Testing Different Plans of Action
-Handling Stress under a Home Invasion
-Winning the fight against an Actual Intruder

Equipment Needed:
-Layered Clothing
-No exposed skin
-An open mind & positive attitude
-UTM Training Equipment (Firearm, Ammo and Protective Gear) is included in the cost and provided by GTC

November 17th, 2018
9:00am - 2:00pm 12 Students Only $149
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